Procedure 3E is a general simulation test for unitized loads of similar retail or institutional packaged-products shipped from a manufacturing location to a distribution centre.  The unitized loads of packaged products are shipped through a motor carrier (truck) delivery system, where an entire trailer-load is filled with unitized packaged products, often of similar retail packaged products, intended for one destination.  This type of shipment is called Full Truckload (FTL).

Test Details

Requirements may include:

  1. Atmospheric conditioning
  2. Compression
  3. Random vibration
  4. Shock testing.

Types of packaging tested under this method

A unitized load is defined as one or more products or packaged products usually on a skid or pallet, but always secured together or restrained for distribution as a single load.  Examples include:

  1. A stretch wrapped pallet load of individual containers
  2. A single non packaged machine banded to a pallet
  3. A pallet with a corrugate tray, tube and a cap.

Please Note: The information outlined above is to be used as reference for ISTA 3E. Please refer to  ISTA's  website for full details.

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