Our expert team provide a range of material tests designed to assess the properties and quality of your material. The specific test methods we undertake according to the Airbus specification include: 

Material Property

Test Standard


ISO 2781


ISO 48 Method N

Tensile Strength

ISO 37 Type 2

Elongation at break

ISO 37 Type 2

Compression Set

ISO 815-1 Method C

Tear Strength

ISO 34-1 Method C

Metal Adhesion/Corrosion

ISO 6505

Static Ozone Resistance

ISO 1431-1 Procedure A

Accelerated Heat Ageing

ISO 188

Low Temperature Properties

  • Low temperature stiffening (Gehman test)
  • Low temperature retraction
  • Crystallisation resistance


ISO 1432

ISO 2921 Procedure A

ISO 3387

Resistance to fluid immersion

  • Resistance to 100% humidity
  • Resistance to water
  • Liquid 103
  • Liquid 101
  • Liquid B

ISO 1817

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