This test method is used to evaluate the compressive resistance of shipping containers, container components, or both. The method can be used to measure the ability of the container to resist external compressive loads when applied from various angles and directions and evaluate the container itself, its components, the internal contents or any combination of the previous.

Test Details

Compressive resistance can be evaluated through fixed- or swiveled-platen-type testing machines.

  • Fixed-platen-type testing machines – edge-to-edge and corner-to-corner orientation testing is required on specimens and cause corrugated packaging to fail at their strongest point
  • Swivel-platen-type testing machines – cause corrugated packaging to fail at their weakest point

Types of products / packaging tested under this method

  • Corrugated and fiberboard packaging
  • Plastic containers
  • Fiber containers

*Please note that the above information is a summary of ASTM D642. Please refer to the ASTM website for full details.

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