The Future of High Performance Plastics to 2024

Innovation in high-performance polymers presents exciting new high-margin revenue opportunities for the global plastic industry. This new study from Smithers tracks how future growth at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.5% will drive this market from a value of $19.2 billion in 2019 to $25.2 billion in 2024.

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Our exclusive content:

  • Exclusive market data and forecast growth for 19 high-performance polymers in eight key end-use applications worldwide
  • Insight into leading high-performance plastic manufacturers and cutting-edge technology developments
  • Dedicated insight into the demand for better polymer grades to commercialise industrial 3D print.

What methodology is used?

This Smithers report is based on a dedicated primary research program spanning the global value chain for high-performance plastics; targeting resin manufacturers, suppliers and end-users in key end-use applications.  

This was supported by intensive secondary research into trade publications, company and industry websites and literature, trade association statistics, academic publications, independent, patents, research studies, conference papers and articles in specialist industry journals.

This was combined with Smithers’s existing insight and database of market information on the polymer and major end-use sectors industries to deliver an unparalleled level of detail.

What will you discover?

  • What the key growth segments for each high-performance polymer type will be through to 2024
  • Where there are still unmet demands for better plastics and scope to replace metals or other materials
  • What the leading material trends in 3D printing with performance polymers are.

Who should buy this report?

  • Manufacturers of high-performance plastics and resins
  • Engineering component moulders and suppliers
  • Plastic processing equipment builders
  • Suppliers of 3D print materials and industrial additive manufacturing machines
  • Consultants and analysts.
The Future of High Performance Plastics to 2024

Name The Future of High Performance Plastics to 2024

Date 1/17/2020

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