Internal Auditing Services

Smithers Quality Assessments Offers Services That Extend Beyond ISO Standard-Based Certifications

Looking to measure where your company’s efficiency and actual performance stand? Does your company need to complete an internal audit in support of your ISO-based certification? Consider a first party audit provided by SQA.

Our first-party or internal auditing services are conducted within your organization and provide an independent review of your systems and processes to highlight their strengths and weaknesses. Whether against external standards you wish to adhere or to those that have been mandated by your customers, Smithers Quality Assessments delivers a high-value, unbiased and objective review.

Comparing the reality of your daily operations with your documented policies and procedures allows you to better understand how well your quality management system is functioning. Conducting a first party or internal audit gives you the opportunity to identify and correct issues that may lead to non-compliance or non-conformance penalties, gaps in your operational process or excess waste.

Do you know how much you are spending on your internal audits?



Partnering with Smithers Quality Assessments for your internal auditing needs is an opportunity to reduce costs. Contact us today and find out how much you could be saving.

Why Choose Smithers Quality Assessments for Your First-Party or Internal Auditing Needs?

  • Cost savings. Outsourcing your internal or first party auditing is far less costly and time consuming than training and credentialing your own internal resources across numerous locations. 

  • Competency. Smithers Quality Assessments brings the same level of integrity and technical proficiency to internal and first party auditing that we do for ISO-based certification audits. The experience of our auditors, combined with our active participation in standards industry groups and writing committees means you can trust SQA.

  • Comprehensive. SQA will perform a meticulous review of your quality management system, carefully detailing all findings for your review and action. When your registrar arrives for your certification audit, you’ll have confidence that the audit will be a success.

  • Tailored. Smithers Quality Assessments offers customizable options, not canned solutions. Need a more flexible schedule? Want to put special focus on a specific process or system? No problem. Our services are designed to meet your needs.

  • Global presence. With locations and auditing resources across the globe, Smithers Quality Assessments is the right choice to service your first party and internal needs, wherever they may be.

  • SQA China. With specific focus to support the needs of companies with manufacturing operations in China, Smithers Quality Assessments’ team in Suzhou can be your representative to ensure your first-party or internal audits are a success. For more information on our China office, contact our Suzhou office here.

Smithers Quality Assessments makes it easy to complete your first-party or internal audits.

Contact us today to get started, or simply request a quote.

*Smithers Quality Assessments acknowledges the need to maintain impartiality through formal separation of our accredited third-party certification business and our first and second party auditing services business. As such, Smithers Quality Assessments will not solicit nor provide accredited third-party auditing and certification services to an organization currently partnered with us for internal auditing or supplier solution services.

Our auditors have:

  • 15+  years of auditing/industry experience
  • An ISO based foundation - same onboarding, training, and qualifications
  • Lead assessor training
  • Adaptablility to using  your organization's  management systems or forms
  • Flexiblility toward providing audit feedback tailored to your business needs 
  • Both no follow-up and full follow-up options available

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