Steps to Certification

  1. Gain awareness - Learn about the applicable standard.

  2. Develop understanding - Learn the meaning of each element.

  3. Analyze the present system - Perform internal audits.

  4. Modify the present system - Make any required changes.

  5. Document the system - Describe the system in writing (as required) with manuals, procedures, instructions and the means to fit the needs of your organization.

  6. Apply for certification - Select a registrar. Consider knowledge, experience and personal traits.

  7. Review documents - Registrar reviews policies, procedures, work instructions, forms, etc.

  8. Pre-assess the system - Conduct a "mini-audit" of the system to identify major obstacles.

  9. Assess the system - Audit the complete system to measure understanding, documentation, implementation and effectiveness.

  10. Make required improvements - Correct nonconformities found during the audit.

  11. Obtain certification - Announce your special status to the world.

  12. Maintain/Improve the system - Implement continual improvement through surveillance and improvement, followed by more surveillance and improvement.

The future belongs to the prepared. Let SQA be a part of your strategic and tactical plans for the future. Prepare by developing a management system that meets the requirements of internationally-accepted standards. Then execute, maintain and improve your system by becoming certified.