Smithers Offers Free Virtual Learning Experiences for Transportation Industry

Smithers Offers Free Virtual Learning Experiences for Transportation Industry

The experts at Smithers have been hard at work producing high-quality webinar content and free e-learning experiences for transportation industry professionals throughout 2020.
“With so many of us experiencing shifts in our working environment, we are determined to find creative ways to bring value and connect with our clients,” said Dr. Jim Popio, Vice President of North America Operations, Materials Science and Engineering, Smithers. “Our webinar series offers an accessible outlet for learning and community.”
Recent and upcoming sessions include: 

Tire Components 103: Reinforcements | download > 

This introductory webinar offers a deep dive into three categories of tire reinforcements: belts, body plies, and overlays. Bruce Lambillotte and Brad Sellers discuss the composition, construction, and adhesion mechanisms of these reinforcements and the role they play in tire performance.

Considerations for Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems and Tire Sensor Testing | August 11 | register > 

Kyle Goodrich and Matt Kent will give an overview on the different varieties of tire pressure monitoring systems and how to replicate their operating conditions in a laboratory environment to predict real-world performance. Goodrich and Kent will also explore the future of tire sensors, including possible applications for sensor data and the importance of the tire sensor in autonomous vehicle technology.

Considerations for Wheel Coating Testing | August 25 | register > 

The right wheel coating plays a crucial role in maintaining the appearance and structure of a wheel by protecting it from stressors such as debris, salt, and road bumps. In this 45-minute webinar, Smithers experts Kyle Goodrich and Nick Cross will discuss the purpose of wheel coatings and the most common varieties on the market. They will provide detail on different laboratory tests for wheel coatings, from physical tests to on-vehicle tests, including two client case studies demonstrating how laboratory testing can save time and money for manufacturers choosing or developing a new wheel coating.
Three other webinars from earlier this year are also available for free and immediate download:

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