Whether you need analyses of raw materials, reinforcements, rubber component formulations or tire construction, Smithers can help. Benchmark comparisons of tires and tire components have become critical for manufacturers, dealers and importers as the tire industry has become global in structure.
Our services involve studying the physical and chemical properties of a tire and its components and provide objective, third-party data to our clients. In addition, Smithers can provide consulting services involving data assessment, assistance in product development and various others.
Raw Materials
Analysis of polymers, fillers, plasticizers, process aids, antidegradants, activators, accelerators, curatives, and others.
Tire Reinforcements
Analysis of cord compositions, cord identification, tensile/elongation properties, shrinkage, creep and adhesions.
Rubber Component Formulations
Analysis of treads, subtreads, sidewalls, rim strip, apexes, ply skims/coat, belt skims/coat, and innerliners.

Tire Construction

Tire construction analyses in the laboratory may include:
  • Ply angles and cord concentrations
  • Belt angles and cord concentrations
  • Calculated casing strength
  • Tire component dimensional analysis
  • Tire component volumes and weights
  • Inter-component adhesions

Compound Analyses & Reconstructions

Smithers can also determine the composition of a tire compound by breaking it down into its constituent parts. Compound deformulation will combine numerous analytical techniques to build up a profile of the polymer base and additives. Compiled data is then used in reformulation and engineering. This type of chemical analysis of rubber is frequently undertaken in conjunction with Smithers technologists to improve compounds, materials and to provide failure analysis.


Examples of key inter-component adhesions that can be quantified, include:
  • Belt - Tread
  • Belt - Belt
  • Belt - Body Ply
  • Body Ply - Body Ply
  • Sidewall - Casing
  • Innerliner - Casing
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