EV Battery Assembly Performance

As electric vehicles become increasingly popular worldwide, automotive OEMs are working to continuously improve the construction and performance of EV battery assemblies. EV batteries are comprised of many different materials and components, all of which must endure a variety of rigors while in service. In some cases, OEMs may want to test and validate a single element or material individually before testing the full EV battery assembly.

Automotive Materials and Components Testing

Smithers has decades of experience working with automotive materials and components, and our team understands the nuances of the automotive service environment. Our testing laboratories can accommodate many different materials found in an electric vehicle battery assembly, including:  Testing capabilities at our physical testing laboratories include: Our on-site sample prep team can excise testing specimens from production samples and most whole products to simplify the process for our clients.
In addition, our material chemistry team can analyze material samples for competitive benchmarking or material selection purposes. Through detailed chemical formulation analysis, we can assist your team in choosing the right formulation for the application.

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