Packaging such as plastic pots and trays, and beverage cans are tested, often at refrigerated or freezer temperatures to simulate "real life" impact conditions.

Falling dart impact testing of packaging materials such as plastic films and laminates uses a hemispherical 'dart', falling vertically onto the test piece. The preferred method is the staircase method in which a uniform energy increment is increased or decreased depending on the pass or failure of the test piece on the previous test.

Smithers is UKAS, ISO 17025 accredited for falling dart impact testing to BS 2782 Part 3: Method 352E and ASTM D1709.

Protective metal lacquer coatings and e-Passports are tested for impact resistance using a Sheen tubular impact tester, satisfying the requirements of ASTM D2794.

The test panel is placed on the die, and is clipped into place with the indenter tool resting on the panel. The weight is raised to a set height and released. The panel is inspected for surface damage or penetration.

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