In Europe, the harmonized food contact legislation legislation for plastics and regenerated cellulose films incorporates positive lists of substances approved by the EFSA. A positive list is also being developed for active and intelligence packaging too. 

These positively listed substances are approved with restrictions, where the available toxicology indicates there is the need to limit consumer exposure. In all cases, positive listing requires the submission of a technical dossier to the EFSA. This dossier incorporates:
  • Details of the food contact substance and its manufacture
  • The intended food contact applications
  • Migration data and associated toxicology studies
  • Reasoned argument for why the substance is safe in the proposed application.
We can provide:
  • Initial advice and guidance on the requirements for your products
  • Assistance with the required migration studies, whether calculated, modelled or analytical
  • The migration data to enable clients to complete the dossier and self-submit.
The Smithers difference: 
  • World-leading understanding of EU food contact regulatory requirements 
  • Wealth of experience in submitting EU dossiers for a range of applications
  • Experts who keep up-to-date with regulatory changes, and who are regular speakers at world-leading conferences and training course leads
  • Our experts have been helping clients demonstrate food contact regulatory compliance since 1985. 

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