The use of recycled plastic product minimizes material loss to the environment and is fast becoming an expectation of customers and legislators.

Why is a risk assessment needed for recyclate-based materials?

The variability of recycling streams, risk of contamination and ensuing impacts on durability of recycled material can pose a risk to product performance. At the same time, moving to more sustainable options can be advantageous. A thorough risk assessment will:

  • Uncover any unknowns in candidate recyclate-based materials
  • Investigate the impact of these on material or performance specification criteria.

Without an expert risk assessment process, you risk potential future material failures, as well as significant production timeline and cost impacts if the recylate-based materials you are using are unable to perform to your requirements.

Smithers support includes:

  • Reviewing the impact on the manufacturing processes and product performance requirements from the incorporation of recycled product 
  • Material or product testing to evaluate the influence of different recycled material types and percentage addition on product durability properties
  • Testing of recyclate materials for mechanical, chemical and rheological properties
We will help you understand risks associated with the use of recycled product on the manufacturing processes, product durability performance and regulatory compliance. Our experts can then work with you to develop appropriate strategies to overcome these risks.

Get in touch with our experts to see how we can support with your sustainable materials.
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