British standard BS EN ISO 9706 and International standard ISO 9706 specifies the requirements for permanent paper intended for documents given in terms of minimum strength measured by a tear test, minimum content of substance (such as calcium carbonate) that neutralize acid action measured by the alkali reserve, maximum content of easily oxidized material measured by the kappa number, maximum and minimum pH values of a cold water extract of the paper. The standard is applicable to unprinted papers, but not paperboards.

British standard BS ISO 11108 and International standard ISO 11108 contains requirements for unprinted archival paper intended for documents and publications required for permanent retention and frequent use. For these purposes paper of high performance and high durability is required.

DIN 6738 is based entirely on the effect of accelerated aging on the strength of the paper. It defines permanence in terms of the paper's 'performance' rather than the materials of which it is made. The standard can be used to assign an expected 'lifespan' to the paper.

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