Outsourced, expert support for your learning and development objectives

Smithers has decades of experience in plastics and rubber material performance and science. Our training solutions are developed from an extensive knowledge of material testing, product testing, technical consultancy and industrial problem solving.

Our training is designed to provide delegates with a working knowledge of the materials they are using in their products. This builds confidence and understanding - helping participants make informed, cost-effective product and design development choices, boosting end-product quality and reducing the chance of failure.

We offer a wide range of scheduled courses covering multiple aspects of rubber and plastics technology. These are delivered both in-person and online by industry experts. The courses can also be run for private groups from individual companies – with timing to suit individual business needs. 

In addition to these popular courses – we regularly develop bespoke training programs to meet the unique learning and development requirements of our clients. Through the close business fit, we find customized training to be one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways for organizations to meet their training objectives.

Technical training designed around the needs of your business

Smithers can develop training solutions exclusive to your needs, employees and organization. We focus on your specific materials, processes and products. Working with Smithers to address your organization's unique training needs provides direct access to our experts and their wealth of technical knowledge. This helps you to close employee skills gaps and allows your business to benefit.

How it works: scope, design, deliver

SCOPE: Understanding your business challenges and objectives

  • Smithers polymer experts will engage personally to fully understand your business needs, constraints and timelines. 
  • We will then agree your unique learning objectives and desired outcomes. 
  • Where relevant this involves face to face discussions and a site visit.

DESIGN: Creating custom training solutions to meet your requirements

  • Our experts use their technical and educational expertise to develop the best and most cost-effective learning solution for your organization.
  • Our focus is ensuring that individual delegates derive maximum learning from the training and your businesses benefits from their enhanced knowledge.
  • Training creation is very much a partnership, and we encourage our clients’ involvement in the development process to ensure alignment with their goals.

DELIVER: We deliver your training solution/s with ongoing support

  • Smithers experts provide the training - in-person, online or a combination. 
  • Our solutions are often highly adaptable and can be delivered to multiple delegates over an extended period of time.
  • Smithers’ courses are presented by experienced consultants who solve clients’ problems on a daily basis. They have many years of practical, real-world materials experience and problem-solving capabilities, as well as being highly experienced educators in the fields of rubber and plastics technology.
  • We review outcomes and offer continued support from our expert consultants.

Benefits of a Smithers custom training solution

Client company benefits:

  • High quality, knowledge-development from the expertly-tailored approach
  • A cost and time efficient investment in training
  • Access to a tailored training program that can be presented to multiple delegates over an extended period of time.
  • Increase in overall employee knowledge/skills levels.
  • Enhancement of commercial/marketplace competitiveness. 
  • Increase in employee job satisfaction through continued personal development.  
  • Continued support from our expert consultants.

Individual delegate benefits: 

  • Upskilling / gaining new materials knowledge.
  • Understanding of the wider aspects of polymer technology such as materials and their properties, processing techniques and their impact, fault and failure diagnostics and more.
  • Opportunity to interact and form business relationships with others working in similar technology areas, as well as with industry leading experts.

Example training topics include:

  • Fundamentals of rubber and plastic materials
  • Manufacturing optimization
  • Materials selection
  • Avoidance of failure
  • Cost down projects
  • Long term durability
  • Specialized materials - e.g. silicones, polyurethanes, high temperature polymers
  • Applications include Medical, Automotive, Food Contact, Industrial components
For more information, please speak to one of our experts who will be happy to help.
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