Product failure can be a costly occurrence, and is often preventable at this stage. However, with thousands of materials to choose along with hundreds of other variables to consider - from product end-use to environmental factors - expert guidance is often required to understand the nuances between seemingly similar options. 

Our skilled team is on hand to support companies during product design where plastic and rubber materials are involved. 

Design support services include

  • design evaluation including Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) to identify potential weaknesses.
  • Process analysis, with suggestions for optimization if needed.
  • Providing an estimation of the expected life span of the product.
  • Risk assessment of potential hazards.
  • Actionable corrective advice on how to rectify any weaknesses found.
  • Specification checks
  • Material selection
Our expertise covers a broad range of industries including pharmaceutical, medical device, transport, construction, industrial and consumer.
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