There are numerous mathematical models to characterize the viscoelastic nature of polymers such as Mooney-Rivlin and Ogden. The typical laboratory tests which need to be carried out to characterize material properties include:

Elastomers (Rubber and TPE materials):

  • Uniaxial tension
  • Equibiaxial tension and/or uniaxial compression
  • Planar or pure shear


  • Uniaxial tensile
  • Uniaxial compression
  • Poisson’s ratio
Equibiaxial tension Planar shear

 Smithers can also support with other short-term tests for plastics and elastomers including:
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Thermal expansion
  • Friction under different loads and test speeds
  • DMA analysis to quickly assess material behaviour over the operating temperature range

Common Standards

  • BS 903-5:2004 Guide to the application of rubber testing to finite element analysis
Rubber properties
  • ISO 37 or ASTM D412 for tensile properties
  • ISO 7743 or ASTM D575 for compressive properties
Plastic properties
  • ISO 527 or ASTM D638 for tensile properties
  • ISO 604 or ASTM D695 for compressive properties
Smithers can also support with the manufacturing of rubber and plastic test samples. 
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