Sean Connolly

As Director of Test Track Operations, Sean Connolly directs and coordinates activities of the winter testing facility to obtain optimum efficiency.

Sean is a longtime member of the Smithers family. From 1998 to 2001, he worked in Smithers’ Akron Laboratories in the physical/mechanical test lab and sample preparation. From October 2001 to January 2005, Sean worked for Bridgestone/Firestone Inc. in the compound development laboratory at the company’s Akron tire and rubber technical facility. He returned to Smithers in 2005 and has held positions as Technical Supervisor and then Operations Manager of the Ravenna Tire and Wheel Testing Laboratory and Operations Manager for the  Smithers Winter Test Center prior to being promoted to General Manager in January 2014.

Expertise: Whole Tire Testing and Snow Traction Testing 

Qualifications and Professional Accreditation

Sean attended The University of Akron, completing coursework in  polymer testing, mixing, and business management as well as Audio Engineering. He holds a Bachelor's of Science in Business Management from Strayer University. 
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