Dr. Michael Patnaude

Dr. Michael Patnaude, Senior Research Biologist, joined Smithers in 2006. He is responsible for guideline and specialized insect and earthworm studies to meet regulatory submission requirements.  Dr. Patnaude has expertise in larval honey bee tests, 10-day adult honey bee feeding tests, adult honey bee acute oral and contact tests, non-target insect tests, earthworm acute and chronic tests, and springtail tests. He worked previously for Westchester County Department of Health. He earned his Ph.D. in Medical Entomology/GIS from University of Florida, his M.S. Plant Sciences from University of Rhode Island, and his B.S. in Biology from Bridgewater State College. Notable publications include “Development and Validation of a Bumble Bee Adult Chronic Oral Test” at the 2019 International Conference on Pollinator Biology, and “The Evaluation of Modifications of Methods and Equipment Towards Improvement of the OECD Draft 22-Day Repeat Exposure Larval Honey Bee Methods” at SETAC North America in 2015. He is a member of the Entomological Society of America. His hobbies and interests include insect photography, raising carnivorous plants, and giving talks about insects to the public in his local community.

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