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Your Hidden Advantage in Business Management: ISO 9001:2015

Smithers Quality Assessments  — August 07, 2018
ISO 9001:2015 shouldn’t be pigeonholed into a simple quality standard, one that only the...

The Top 4 Changes in ISO 9001:2015 from 2008

Smithers Quality Assessments  — May 16, 2018
When you first look at it, the updated ISO 9001:2015 standard may appear vastly different from...

ISO 13485:2016 – Understanding the Latest Revision and How to Prepare for Transition

Smithers Quality Assessments  — March 20, 2018
SQA was invited to take part in a special MedTech panel at the ADM Expo in downtown Cleveland...
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3 Things to Consider Before Transferring Your Certification or Standard to a New Registrar

Smithers Quality Assessments  — March 01, 2018
If your looking to transfer your certification or quality management system to a new registrar...

Meet Our New Director of Sales and Global Marketing

Smithers Quality Assessments  — February 02, 2018
Learn more about the newest member of our team, Director of Sales and Global Marketing, Scott...
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A General SWOT Analysis for Certified Organizations

Smithers Quality Assessments  — November 01, 2017
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Customizing ISO 9001:2015 to Meet Your Company Needs

Smithers Quality Assessments  — October 16, 2017
A common misconception is that the ISO 9001 Management System will prevent a company from being...
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Great Expectations: What to Expect from Your Registrar

Smithers Quality Assessments  — August 22, 2017
When choosing a registrar, there should be clear expectations with an organization’s...
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How ISO Certification Ensures Meeting Company Objectives

Smithers Quality Assessments  — August 17, 2017
Tailoring the objectives of a company within the framework of an internationally recognized set...
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Back To Basics: Becoming ISO Certified

Smithers Quality Assessments  — July 31, 2017
Going back to the basic on becoming ISO Certified.
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