Quanex Sees the Value of ISO Certification

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September 06, 2016

Quanex Building Products produces high-performance, warm edge spacers for insulating glass used in windows and doors, and originally sought out ISO certification at the request of a client. While they no longer work with that particular client, the many organizational benefits they’ve experienced have convinced them of the importance of remaining certified.


“It gives us the tools that push our systems to do the right things,” said Tom Wood, Supplier Quality Assurance Supervisor – ISO Coordinator at Quanex. “For instance, it ensures documents are stored as they should be and keeps us more organized as a business.”


Quanex has been certified through Smithers Quality Assessments (SQA) since 2008. Recently, they transitioned their ISO 9001:2008 certification to the 2015 standard, but they aren’t planning on stopping there. With their sights set on environmental and safety certifications – specifically ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001 – Wood views the new certifications as important foundational elements for Quanex’s future success.


He added, “We’re very excited about 45001 and how it can help improve our safety processes. While we like our current process, we’re hoping the standard identifies new areas we may be able to improve upon in our approach. I think all of these systems are going in the right direction. We’ve implemented a recycling team to help prepare for 14001:2015; and as we started to evaluate 14001, it really opened our eyes to get our recycling started.”


With new processes in place, and even more on the way, Wood sees the value in being certified.


“Being certified puts us ahead of the competition,” he stated. “Our second-largest customer wants environmental-friendly suppliers, and our recycling program is certainly one such tool. If we didn’t have our ISO certification, that information wouldn’t be easy to find.”


Wood also sees the value in working with SQA. “The support is awesome, and the auditors are always knowledgeable and experienced. It’s good to know that when you ask a question, the auditors will have answers for you. The overall support staff is great as well; it’s good to know I can get a hold of someone when we need.”


For more information on Quanex, visit their website at http://www.quanex.com/