Achieving SN9001 - Correct your Snow & Ice Management documentation mistakes

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September 24, 2013

Documentation is key in any well-oiled quality management system. This holds true for the Snow & Ice Management industry. Snow Magazine released an article yesterday, written by industry consultant John Allin, which explains the drastically negative effects that poor documentation can have the contractor and their clients. 

John gives real-life examples on how failure to get written verification of a verbal directive from a client and one-time lack of appropriate documentation can end up costing a snow and ice contractor hundreds or thousands of dollars in legal fees and settlement costs. 

He states that "contractors contemplating achieving ISO SN9001 status will have processes and procedures in place to alleviate the concerns that arise from lack of consistent and verifiable records if they want to be an approved ISO contractor."

So, remember - "document, document, document!"

Read the full article here.

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