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October 12, 2016

I am always happy when I get to fly on Southwest Airlines – not because of their unique boarding procedure and not because their flight attendants are typically more entertaining than most. The reason I like to fly Southwest is because I always feel invigorated after reading their in-flight magazine. The “You Made Our Day” feature in the magazine is made up of letters from customers who had their day made by a Southwest team member. We are not talking about one or two letters either. Each month, two entire pages are filled with stories sent in from customers across the country. What a fantastic message Southwest is sending to their employees! That’s right – I did not say customers (although I am sure there are many benefits that come from customers reading these great stories). I said employees. Southwest is not only regularly and consistently reinforcing that this behavior toward customers is what they want to see; they’re even providing a road map on how to achieve it! And, I am sure it is not cheap. Space in a magazine read by thousands upon thousands of travelers is expensive. Clearly, Southwest understands the value of the significant investment in getting these messages to their employees and customers.


What investments have you made to celebrate your employees? I’d really like to hear some examples. If you are not currently sharing any positive employee stories company wide, why? I’d like to hear those reasons as well. Please share with me or ask questions at or on twitter @DavidDMurray.

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