Illinois Snow Removal Service Liability Limitation Act Paves the Way for SN 9001

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October 25, 2016

The Illinois Snow Removal Service Liability Limitation Act, signed in May 2015, helps create a fair and lawful environment for Snow & Ice Management Professionals. Prior to the law, a property owner could have verbiage in their contract that stated, “the snow contractor will indemnify and hold harmless the property owner for any and all incidents, injuries, etc., as it relates to snow and ice on the property.” However, another part of the contract that defined the scope of work could state, “you will commence plowing when and only when accumulation reaches 2 inches. Deicing surfaces will be dictated by the property owner.” The second set of parameters for maintaining the property directly conflicted with the first statement which held snow contractors liable for any injuries that could happen, even those that occurred prior to snow accumulating to 2 inches.


The Illinois law makes that practice null and void. It holds the snow contractor responsible for what the contract says, and the property owner is responsible for what occurs outside of that contract. If a property owner wants to pass the liability onto the snow contractor, the contractor now has the ability to decide whether or not they will salt or plow.


While this doesn’t eliminate the possibility of lawsuits, it may create a greater need for ISO 9001 and SN 9001 Certified snow contractors. Certified contractors require the specific documentation needed to prove that the property was maintained. Using ISO and SN Certified snow contractors may increase your ability to defend against lawsuits and settlements. With a certified quality management system, SN 9001 certified snow removers monitor important quality metrics as well as customer satisfaction.