Hack Your Life with Kankyo Kaizen

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October 11, 2016

Time. It’s the most finite resource we have – we only get a certain amount of it, and it’s constantly slipping away. Now, I’m not trying to depress you, but it’s true – time is the one thing you’re always losing, and you can never get it back.

The good news is you can save time. There are steps you can take in your everyday life, and in the office, to save yourself time. You can ‘hack your environment’ to get back those precious seconds with the help of a process called Kankyo Kaizen.

I was first introduced to Kankyo Kaizen through a time management app called Simpleology. It’s a Japanese term for improving your surroundings. Kan kyo, means “environment” or “surroundings,” and kai zen means “continuous improvement.”

So how can you put Kankyo Kaizen to work for you? Well, let’s imagine that you hit the snooze button too many times in the morning. How could you hack your environment to eliminate this? Simply move your alarm clock away from your bed (at least 10 feet). Another example is constantly losing your keys. If you’re always spending time looking for them, put a key hook by your door. If you spent 5-10 minutes a day looking for your keys, you just saved a lot of time!

Kankyo Kaizen can also be brought into your office. If you’re always getting up to get paperclips, get a container to put them in. If you make too many trips to the printer, print all of your papers at once and make one trip.

The changes do not have to be huge. Look at it this way – if you spent 5 minutes every day looking for your keys, and you installed a key ring, you’d save over 30 hours per year spent on just that task alone. That’s more than an entire day of your life that you could spend on other, more important tasks.

Now that’s a life hack. How will you use Kankyo Kaizen to get your precious time back?