Do You Blame Your Customers?

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October 27, 2016

I landed in Albany, NY to meet with a client. It was probably the last place on earth I envisioned having an issue getting a taxi. I was bummed when I learned that Uber was not available, but I headed to the cabstand eager to find my hotel and dinner. When I arrived, there were two women in line in front of me and a gentleman in a cab company uniform looking at a clipboard. The two ladies said hello when I arrived; the gentleman never looked up. After a few minutes, someone asked, “how much longer for a cab to get here?” His immediate response was, “You all landed at the worst possible time! We are having a shift change, and no one is responding to me on the radio. I have no idea where anyone is right now!” Finally, one cab pulled in – a few minutes later, another. It was painfully slow – nearly a 15-minute wait for what should have lasted just a few minutes.


This is a great example of an organization having poor systems in place and blaming the customer for the issue. While this example might seem far-fetched, many times organizations have examples that are even less obvious, but just at detrimental to the customer relationship. Do you?


Have you recently been blamed as a customer? Please share with me or ask questions at or on twitter @DavidDMurray.

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