SQA Client Shares Why SN 9001 Certification is Worth the Time and Effort

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October 06, 2015

Paul Weiss, vice president of operations for Weiss Commercial Property Services, recently spoke at the Snow Academy Boston, an event sponsored by the Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA). Weiss Commercial Property Services, a year-round maintenance company in the Greater Boston area, was one of the first companies to earn both the ISO 9001 and SN 9001 (snow and ice management) certifications from SQA.

In his presentation, Weiss delivered a contractor's perspective on becoming certified to companies looking to grow their business and improve profitability.  “As a service provider to large-scale corporate and commercial properties, our clients are only interested in hiring a professional well-managed company,” said Weiss. “The SN 9001 certification demonstrates to our clients that not all snow and ice management contractors are the same.”

Weiss addressed questions on cost, time and return on investment and emphasized that most professional snow contractors are already doing 50 to 70 percent of the preparation needed in order to pursue a certification. Companies can also benefit from reduced insurance premiums, increased safety and customer satisfaction.

SN 9001 implements a pre-season inspection and in-event assessment to ensure conformity to the standard. “Having SQA as a third-party auditor has contributed to a more successful business,” said Weiss. “Our auditors are there to verify our processes and provide unbiased feedback about our compliance, so we can improve.”

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