Employee Appreciation Week?

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November 03, 2016

Just last week, I was having a quick bite to eat in Boston’s Logan Airport on my way home from a work trip. As I sat in the dining area, a sign caught my eye…

I thought to myself that’s great, but what about the other 51 weeks in a year? Customer Appreciation or Employee Appreciation weeks are great, but as a rallying point for more to come. If you find your organization celebrating these weeks, but then it is back to business as usual the following Monday – for the next 51 weeks – you might want to reassess how often you should show appreciation to the people who keep your business going. A celebration week could merely highlight the weaknesses that exist within your culture, or it may be just what the doctor ordered for a morale boost!


I’d love to hear your appreciation week stories (successes and debacles) at dmurray@thedijuliusgroup.com

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