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November 08, 2012

How to engage employees in your company's quality management system


One of the most significant challenges our auditors encounter when they go to a company to provide a Quality Management Systems Assessment is often the employees themselves. They mistakenly think we are there to place blame on them and what they've done "wrong" in their job. In fact, we are there to improve the overall process, not any one individual's performance.

This anxiety can interfere not only with the audit, but with the ongoing implementation of your Quality Management System QMS.

Here are some tips to help your employees understand why a QMS is good for everyone and how to integrate it into everyday work so it becomes simply "how you do things". Engaged employees who are aligned with your company's Quality Management goals also boost productivity and morale.

  • Lead by example. A commitment to quality has to occur and be demonstrated at all levels.
  • Help your staff understand how their roles fit into the big picture. Specifically, how are their activities connected to company profitability and quality outputs?
  • Make it easy for your team to provide ideas for process improvements.
  • Celebrate earning your Quality Management certification as a company accomplishment.

Through training, communication, company culture and employee empowerment, Quality Management can have positive implications versus negative ones.