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March 07, 2017

Aaron Troschinetz accepted the General Manager role at Smithers Quality Assessments (SQA) in January 2017. As General Manager, he works directly with our clients, focusing on how we can provide them with the highest level of service. We sat down with him to ask in-depth questions about his new position and his aspirations.

What positions have you held prior to joining Smithers?

Most recently, I was a Program Manager within the Heavy Truck industry, supporting platform launches and various cost improvement initiatives. Prior to that role, I’ve held various Operations and Technical roles in the 3rd Party Certification, mostly supporting Aerospace and Automotive, as well as manufacturing direct experiences with Quality/Environmental Management System implementations.

What drew your interest in the General Manager role?

The opportunity to join the SQA team and lead the business in North America was of great interest, as well as getting back into the certification community. Those were the two most appealing factors about the position.

What particular skill or set of skills makes you a particularly good fit?

I’ve had a lot of experience working with teams. The importance of teams has been a constant theme in my work, and it’s exciting to be in a leading role.

What are some of your most important responsibilities as General Manager?

Being attentive to clients is number one. Everything I do starts with them. I work to maintain their level of happiness with our service and our ability to serve at a high level. Our team aims to make sure we are running at a certain level of optimization and to build fruitful, mutually beneficial relationships with auditors.

How did you choose your career path?

I graduated from Michigan Tech with a BA in Business Administration. I’ve always been service-oriented, keeping an eye on customer needs and expectations. I learned the ability to appreciate certification and good processes from a number of folks that I would consider to be great quality and technical people.

How do you enjoy your time away from work?

It’s important for our whole team to have time to unplug and be away from the office. I have two young daughters that I call Thing 1 and Thing 2. They are some adventurous kids. I enjoy spending time with them and taking them to their activities. Our family likes camping and spending time outside.

What do you want to accomplish at Smithers?

I’d like to see us continue our highly successful track record of customer satisfaction. We believe the Smithers approach is unmatched, and we want to grow, giving people inside the organization larger roles and larger opportunities.

Aaron Troschinetz and SQA are excited for the future. Learn more about the growing list of services provided by the quality and environmental management systems certification body at


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