Smithers Group Expands Capabilities at Suzhou Laboratory

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June 16, 2015

Smithers Quality Assessments recently showcased its key management systems support services in Suzhou, China, as part of a Smithers Group client event. Smithers Rapra, another company within the Smithers Group, announced a series of expanded capabilities at the China testing laboratory.

“China’s role as the source of much of the world’s manufactured goods provides us with the opportunity to support our clients with services geared toward improving their processes and overall quality control,” stated Jeanette Preston, President, Smithers Quality Assessments. “Having a knowledgeable, local team in China to assist manufacturers with their business growth initiatives has been a critical piece of Smithers’ plan for strategic growth.”

The Suzhou facility provides analysis, training and testing for a wide spectrum of products and a variety of industries, including tire and wheel, automotive, transport, consumer, pharmaceutical, medical and industrial, such as construction, utilities and power generation.

The lab achieved ISO/IEC 17025 in 2013 and has been providing tire testing for a wide variety of specifications including SAE, GMW, ASTM and ISO standards to the Chinese market for several years. Clients gained a first-hand look at the work performed by the Smithers team to support their growing needs for testing and support services.

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