AS9100 Rev. C Deadline Quickly Approaching!

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June 29, 2011

AS91XX:2009: Deadline Almost Here!

July 1 is quickly approaching. Remember all AS9100 audits must be conducted to Rev. C utilizing the AS9101D requirements for the audit and reporting process. Your auditor will notify you 45-60 days prior to your audit to request the following information in order to better plan your assessment:

  • Scope of audit including complexity
  • Processes including sequence and interaction
  • Criticality of products/processes including special processes
  • Product related safety issues
  • Results of internal audits
  • Previous audit findings
  • Performance measures and trends including those from customers
  • Previous management review results
  • Customer satisfaction and complaints
  • Customer specific, statutory and regulatory requirements
  • And any changes to the organization 

This is a requirement for all AS91XX assessments. If the requested information is not received within the required timeframe, we will add at least ½ day prior to the opening meeting to make any necessary adjustments to the audit plan.

As an organization you will see the following changes:

New Audit Report Format:
You will no longer receive the SQA audit report that you are accustomed to receiving at the close of the audit. Instead, the complete use of the AS9101D will be the method SQA will use to report the results of the audit.  This information also will be uploaded into OASIS. 

New forms:

  • PEAR (Process Effectiveness Assessment Report) for all processes that you have designated in Product Realization (Section 7).
  • OER (Objective Evidence Record for objective evidence of the audit findings including references to the reviewed or observed procedures, records, products, processes, non-conformances and OFIs (Opportunities For Improvement).
  • NCR (Non-Conformance Report) containing the same information as the SQA Corrective Action Request.

AS9104 Requirements Change
Not only did the standard change, but the AS9104 Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense QMS Certification Programs is also under revision.
Some of the changes planned will affect your organization:

  • A table defining minimum on-site audit days. 
  • Additional audit time added to each audit based on complexity, number of aerospace customers, number of statutory and regulatory requirements, to name a few. 

Every certification body is required to utilize the audit day tables.  If the required number of audit days is not utilized we cannot enter the audit information in OASIS.

Where an audit day is planned for over 8 hours to cover off–shift activities, this cannot reduce required audit duration.  For example, if your organization operates with 3 shifts and the audit duration per the minimum audit day table is 2.5 days on-site, the auditor cannot plan two 2, 12-hour days and meet the required 2.5 days on site.  The 2, 12-hour audits days is equivalent to 2.0 days.

Certification Structures Well Defined
The definition of certification structures will be better defined which may change the certificate scheme previously applied to your organization.  This in turn may also affect the number of audit days at each of your sites.

  • Integrated audits with AS91XX will be defined outlining the allowable reduction of assessment time as long as it is justified and documented as to the level of integration.
  • The same audit team leader will be limited to two consecutive certifications cycles (6 years).

These are just a few of the impending changes, once AS9104-1 is approved and published, SQA will start implementing the requirements of this standard.  We expect the standards will be published by year end 2011 and will keep our customers posted.

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