AS9100 Certification Has Business Benefits and Helps Employees Understand Role in Quality

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June 14, 2011

Certification to the AS9100 Standard has many obvious benefits, including access to the best practices of the aerospace industry, and clearly demonstrating your company’s commitment to quality products and services to your customers and prospects.

What you may not realize is that once you are AS certified, your company name is entered into the OASIS database. This database is a major resource many large OEMs use to find new suppliers with expertise in various areas. It can be a powerful lead generating tool.

In addition, AS9100 certification improves process consistency and stability across the organization. This leads to increased productivity and accountability among employees. When you have well-defined and well-documented procedures for your employee base, it takes the guesswork out of job assignments.
And when things go wrong, this defined, consistent work assists with root cause analysis and reduces the time required to analyze the problem and resolve the issue.

How to Engage Employees for AS9100 Success
However, this doesn’t just happen automatically. Employees need training to ensure they are competent and capable of doing the assigned job, which also improves productivity and assists with accountability.

Top-down communication across all areas of the organization helps employees understand their role in the quality of your product. When they feel ownership and are able to control the process in their area of responsibility, they are more accountable.

Ensure Product Quality Pre-Launch of AS9100
AS9100 certification also can detect or prevent a major error or flaw in product development. Rev C, for example, provides a structured platform for product development and additional documentation and analysis for product design and project management.

Risk analysis and team evaluation measures data provided during validation/verification and testing of the product prior to product launch. This improves the probability of detecting and preventing major errors or flaws in the product. 

The better your employees understand their roles and the more structured your documentation is, the more likely your company is to save money or experience financial growth after becoming AS9100 certified.

Additional benefits may include:

  • Fewer customer product returns
  • Reduced waste and rework
  • Improved delivery time
  • Fewer instances of ”fire fighting” in the manufacturing process
  • Increased business with current customers
  • Ability to appeal to new customers via referrals and your company’s reputation of quality products and services.

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