SQA Celebrates 20th Anniversary!

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July 08, 2013

SQA celebrates our 20th anniversary this month! Since its founding in 1993, SQA has served the certification needs of small and large industrial, commercial, government and service businesses globally.

“Over the last 20 years, SQA has experienced tremendous growth,” says Chief Executive Officer and President of The Smithers Group, Michael Hochschwender. “We attribute our success to two things: our people and our process.

“Our entire executive team is always accessible,” he adds. "And strives to exceed expectations by utilizing their many years of industry experience.”

SQA differentiates its service delivery by the unique relationship developed between the auditors and clients. Jeanette Preston, president of SQA, notes that “SQA auditors and staff establish a committed and long-term relationship with clients from the moment they engage with SQA, through certification efforts and subsequent follow-up requirements.”

SQA was founded when third-party quality certification was still optional.  When the automotive industry mandated quality standards for its suppliers in the mid-90s, SQA was immediately positioned for growth.

John Sedlak, SQA’s first employee and former vice president, recalls, “That’s what really catapulted us forward as a certification body. We started out with one customer and three employees and we grew to more than 50 team members, over 1,300 clients, and certifications issued around the world.”

A vision for the future

SQA recently opened a new location in Suzhou, China to help service domestic and multinational clients. We expect to continue to explore additional international opportunities in order to meet the needs of our clients.

“Over the past twenty years, we have built our business on the philosophy of ‘education and preparation leads to success’,” adds Mrs. Preston. “We continue to operate that way today and our clients appreciate our transparency and our ‘no surprises’ approach.”

A special milestone celebration for employees and clients is planned for this summer!

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