Upcoming ISO Changes: Terminology

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January 26, 2015

In addition to improving the versatility of ISO 9001, the Technical Committee is making necessary changes to various terminologies and language constructs in accordance with current usage in today’s marketplace. Some of those changes include:

  • “Product” has been replaced by “goods and services” for better adaptation to requirements within the service industry
  • “Documents” and “records” have been replaced by “documented information,” which now allows an organization the ability to determine requirements, issues and expectations of their quality management systems
  • “Continual improvement” has been replaced with “improvement” 

With some of the language adjustments comes:

  • Technology and global changes in the marketplace
  • Reinforcement of risk-based sensitivity
  • Migration of control from small groups of top managers
  • Increased focus on risk, change and knowledge management
  • Recognition of the need to integrate quality management systems into overall business strategies
  • Implementation of more simple phrasing

Next, we’ll cover the new divisions of the standard, as well as navigating the reasons for revision. Click here for more information about ISO and the Technical Committee that’s working on the new standard.

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