Sauers Receives Certification in Time for 2016 Snow and Ice Season

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February 11, 2016

Sauers Inc., a tree and landscape service company based in Pennsylvania, recently earned the ISO 9001 / SN 9001 (snow and ice management) quality management system (QMS) certification, after an audit by Smithers Quality Assessments (SQA).

Stephanie Sauers began considering taking the steps to achieve certification in 2012 but was focused on growing the business. After an unexpected change in insurance companies, she determined the time was right to begin the process. Stephanie began preparing for certification in June 2015, because she wanted to complete the audit and receive the certification before the busy winter months. SQA was the certification body chosen for the audits due to its knowledge and involvement in the industry and strong reputation.

“Our preparation for the ISO audit was extremely helpful and productive in getting necessary processes and procedures in place. We had talked about implementing many of them for several years but it just wasn’t a top priority,” said Stephanie Sauers, owner of Sauers Inc. The SQA auditor verified through objective evidence that Sauers quality management system met the requirements of ISO 9001 and SN 9001. Stephanie added, “Updating our documents into the new, required format, has made our office more efficient.”

Sauers Inc. had many of the requirements already in place and with a little fine-tuning was able to meet the ISO standard. Throughout the implementation process, all processes and procedures were updated to follow the ISO standard. While it was a time-consuming process, Sauers Inc. now has a new QMS that will provide important insight about the company and business moving forward.

The QMS includes key performance indicators (KPI) such as monitoring customer retention year over year. These KPI’s, as well as others, will help Stephanie identify patterns and respond to changes in her business quickly. Since Sauers Inc. already had strong processes in place, the entire implementation and certification process took six months to complete.

With the new certification, Stephanie is looking ahead to the busy winter months of snow and ice removal, and has plans to increase promotion of the new certification.

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