ISO 9001:2015 New Areas of Emphasis

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February 17, 2015

The new ISO 9001 standards will be restructured into 10 different divisions: scope, normative references, terms and definitions, support, performance evaluation, performance improvement, context of the organization, leadership, planning, and operation. Users will also likely see a greater emphasis on the following:

  • Understanding the organization and its context. Businesses will determine external and internal issues that are relevant to purpose and things that might affect the standards of their quality management systems.

  • Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties, where interested parties has not yet been defined.

  • Process approach. Quality management systems will be built around products and services as the main output, with the primary objective set as meeting customer needs.

In short, the goal of the revision is to ensure that registered organizations have a Quality Management System built around creating products and services that meet customer requirements. But just like any standard for any system, ISO 9001 cannot anticipate future social, technological and professional changes in the marketplace, and is therefore revised about every seven years to stay relevant.

This revision will expand the scope of applicability more than the 2008 version, as there was not much changed from the previous 2000 version, to help businesses navigate shifting trends in technology and variable elements of evolving global supply chains.

If you’d like to review previous versions of the ISO 9001 standards, or to read more about ISO or the resources available through the ISO Technical Committee, click here.

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