Documenting Quality Leads to New Business

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December 17, 2014

Copen Machine, a machine shop in Kent, Ohio, that specializes in lathe and mill work, machining, blade sharpening and grinding services, recently expanded and remodeled after more than 24 years in business. This expansion includes a continuation of the company’s ISO 9001 certification, ensuring internal operations and processes are documented, which led to new clients and partners.

“We had a great system in place, but it wasn’t formalized and transferrable,” said Travis Copen, CEO of Copen Machine. “We decided that ISO 9001 would help us get where we wanted to go as a business. The certification process helped us streamline our operations, provided great traceability for processes and documentation, and helped us pinpoint attention on the customer.”

Since Copen Machine earned ISO 9001 certification, business has flourished, with much of the new work attributed to the validity of the company’s quality work. Overall, quality is still top-notch, but the tracking of their quality is much more evident – ISO 9001 has become a “stamp of approval.” According to Copen, one of the biggest effects they’ve seen is the impact on employee culture.

“Certification has had an enormous impact on our employees, reshaping our whole mentality,” added Copen. “We’re really looking forward to continuing to grow together.”

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