ISO-9001 Improves Snow & Landscaping Businesses

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August 21, 2014

Massachusetts-based Case Snow Management and Illinois-based Mariani Landscaping have one thing in common: both businesses have recently benefited from the decision to attain ISO-9001 certification.

According to a recent article in Lawn and Landscape, the decision to pursue ISO-9001/SN-9001 certification was easy: Case wanted to grow their business, and knew they needed reliable processes in place to do it, while Mariani made the decision as a commitment to continuous improvement of their business operations.

Mariani achieved certification in two years, and reports better employee camaraderie and improved process management as a result.

For Case, ISO-9001/SN-9001 certification helped them focus on safety, training, customer satisfaction and risk management. In conjunction with the Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA), Case worked with Smithers Quality Assessments to give professional snow and ice management companies a better way to manage and reduce risk with the adoption of the ISO-9001 standards.

After they achieved accreditation, Case’s processes tightened, product improved and customers were happier. But the big payoff was the risk management advantage. Filing claims against companies with the ISO-9001/SN-9001 certifications is difficult, because there are safeguards and processes in place that ensure all requirements are met. By adopting quality management standards, these high-risk businesses were able to reduce the expenditure on rising insurance costs by decreasing the number of payouts that resulted from inadequate documentation.

Read the full article at Lawn and Landscape, or click here to learn more about how Smithers can help your business achieve ISO-9001 certification.

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