New Online Tools for Root Cause Analysis Available

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August 25, 2011

We recently announced that as of August 22, 2011, any corrective actions resulting from a non-conformance identified during an audit should be accompanied by a root cause analysis  as part of the corrective action submittal.

Read our August 2011 Newsletter to learn why.

To assist you with this new requirement, we have developed a 5-Why tool which can be used as a simple root cause methodology, or you can submit your own version.

Access our 5-Why Tool.

For more information and background, please read:

Our goal is to help our clients' systems and improve our own systems through effective corrective action processes. We believe that you will benefit from using a root cause analysis tool to help you develop a robust corrective action.

Please contact your auditor for any organization-specific questions, or feel free to contact SQA.

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