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February 02, 2018

Scott McDonough accepted the Director of Sales and Global Marketing role at Smithers Quality Assessments (SQA) in early January of 2018. As the Director of Sales and Marketing, he will be responsible for and work directly with, our sales and marketing teams in both North America and China. We caught up with him to ask a few in-depth questions about his new role and his future aspirations within the organization.

What experience do you bring, and what positions have you held prior to joining Smithers?

I bring sixteen years’ experience in sales and marketing leadership of B2B service companies in a couple of different industries. One was as the business development manager for a supply chain data analytics company, the other as general manager for a documentation and content management solutions provider. Prior to those roles, I worked as an application engineer for a manufacturer of automated adhesive and sealant dispensing equipment. My experience has been industry-diverse but has largely centered around managing the alignment of sales messaging and service delivery to build relationships and grow the business.

What drew your interest in the Director of Sales and Global Marketing role at SQA?

Initially, it was the people I met when interviewing. I was and continue to be impressed by their vision and commitment to our team and our clients. Later, as I moved through the process and learned more about the industry and specific goals that SQA had set out to accomplish, I recognized that there was significant opportunity to build on the company’s history of success.  I felt that while there would, of course, be challenges, there was a strong team already in place, and my experience and skill set would be a good fit to support the shared vision going forward.

What skills, or skill set, make you a good fit?

I think that because I have led the sales and marketing efforts in other B2B service companies, I have a strong foundation in both. While different disciplines, there are advantages to be found at the intersection of the two, and SQA is well positioned to capitalize on those. Especially when it comes to lead generation through marketing automation, that is something I have experience with and am excited to pursue further with the SQA team. In addition, I think my ability to connect with clients and develop plans for their onboarding, account management and growth will be helpful in building on the success SQA has already established.

In your opinion, where do your most important duties as Director of Sales and Global Marketing lie?

First, to ensure that as a sales team we are both efficient and effective, generating a sufficient level of new opportunities using a process that is both consistent and repeatable to support meeting our targets. Because of SQA’s history of success, there exists an opportunity to create specific strategies for larger accounts and that will be a significant focus for me and our team. Second, but no less important, to ensure that we are engaging potential clients through our website and marketing efforts with timely and relevant content, not just in North America, but in support of our business in China as well.

How did you choose your career path?

I started out in manufacturing, working with automated dispensing systems. Part of that role was to program the industrial robotics on the systems we designed and built, then I would travel to the client sites and train their operators on how to adjust or customize the programs as needed. I enjoyed the teaching aspect of that and ultimately was asked to do more client-facing support with the sales and service groups. When I was encouraged by my mentors at the time to pursue a role in sales, I put more focus on those opportunities. It took some time for me to get comfortable with the notion of moving into a sales role, but I think it was ultimately a natural fit and a positive step.

Sales and Marketing work can be a fast-paced, high-stress environment. What do you enjoy doing to unwind outside of work?

My wife is a nurse and we have two kids, one in seventh grade and one in fourth. We are, as many people, perpetually busy with something. That said, we try to slow down from time to time and do things with the kids whenever possible to create family memories, be it a weekend road trip or just to a movie. For myself, I try to spend at least a few hours a week in the gym, which I enjoy and is a good way to keep stress levels manageable.

What do you hope to accomplish during your time at Smithers?

I look forward to our team exceeding our goals for this year and subsequent years thereafter. I would like to define and establish our process for developing additional strategic accounts. I hope to be an integral part of building up our marketing efforts to further SQA’s visibility with clients as the industry thought leaders and first choice for service excellence. We use the word opportunity frequently, but that is true for SQA, and I am very excited to be a part of helping our team respond to it.


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