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BMW Group International Steps Up Its Occupational Health and Safety Requirements

Smithers Quality Assessments  — June 26, 2019
Just last year, BMW Group International released an updated version of their “Terms and...
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6 for 16949 - 6 Resources for Getting Started with IATF 16949:2016 Certification

Smithers Quality Assessments  — May 23, 2019
When it comes to quality management in the automotive field, IATF 16949:2016 is one of the most...
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The Top 5 Myths Surrounding ISO 9001:2015

Smithers Quality Assessments  — April 26, 2019
There may be some rumblings, misconceptions, and preconceived notions that exist out there in the...

10 for 14001: 10 Resources for Getting Started with ISO 14001 Certification

Smithers Quality Assessments  — March 27, 2019
ISO 14001 is one of the leading international environmental management system standards that was...
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5 Ways ISO 45001 Helps Solidify Occupational Health and Safety

Smithers Quality Assessments  — February 25, 2019
ISO 45001 helps organizations set up systems that work to prevent occupational injuries, diseases...

Make Sure Your Organization is Prepared for the Next Snow Storm with SN 9001

Smithers Quality Assessments  — January 21, 2019
If you're in the commercial snow removal business, SN 9001 can be your greatest ally in...
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5 Ways AS9100 Can Help Your Company Soar to New Heights

Smithers Quality Assessments  — December 06, 2018
A well-designed and thoroughly implemented AS9100 QMS can do more for a company besides only...

IATF 16949: Drive Quality and Organizational Benefits

Smithers Quality Assessments  — November 07, 2018
The automobile has captured the hearts and minds of many around the world, almost since its...
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Why an Environmental Management System Does More Than Just Help the Planet

Smithers Quality Assessments  — October 11, 2018
ISO 14001:2015 helps organizations answer the call to be more environmentally and socially...

Internal and Supplier Audits, What Are They and How Do They Help?

Smithers Quality Assessments  — September 19, 2018
Internal audits or supplier solutions, which one should your organization utilize? Should it...