OHSAS 18001

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Let Us Help You Put Safety First

Managing health and safety risks should be top-of-mind for every company, even for those who haven’t reported an accident or injury in a long time. Employers everywhere are striving for safer workplaces where employees can do their jobs and make it home safely to their families and friends.

SQA is committed to working with employers to ensure that they focus their time and effort on effective processes and procedures per the OHSAS 18001:2007 standard. This focused effort will allow our clients to build and maintain occupational health and safety systems that will help manage risk, increase awareness and employee involvement, and positively impact their company’s reputation as a leader in their respective industry.

ISO 18001:2007 can be integrated with both ISO 9001 quality management systems and ISO 14001 environmental management systems, helping to reduce audit time. Wherever applicable, common sections of each standard will be audited only once, leaving you more time to focus on continual improvement of your systems.

Smithers Quality Assessments offers OHSAS certification to manufacturers and service providers worldwide. In addition to promoting safety and helping manage risk, adherence to these processes and procedures will result in:

  • Protecting employees and stakeholders from unnecessary risk
  • Reduced lost time due to accidents and near misses
  • Improved employee involvement with training and responsibility
  • Enhanced reputation, marketing capabilities and an improved corporate image
  • Reduced costs and limited liabilities
  • Possible reduction of regulatory oversight

An audit performed by SQA resulting in ISO 18001:2007 certification provides:

  • A series of common standards that are implemented globally throughout the supply stream
  • Public recognition for your commitment to a process which produces a safe environment for employees
  • Increased opportunities for new business from customers that require ISO 18001 certification
  • External, independent validation that your occupational health and management system conforms to the requirements of ISO 18001
  • Independent feedback and discussions to foster continual improvement to help your bottom line

Why Choose SQA as Your Occupational Health and Safety Auditor?

SQA is accredited as an ISO Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) certification body. We don’t like uncertainty, and we know you don’t either. That’s why Smithers Quality Assessments has a “No Surprises” philosophy that reduces the uncertainty of the ISO 18001:2007 certification of your management system. By becoming an integral part of your team and maintaining open communication throughout the entire process, we get to know your business and help you thoroughly prepare for auditing. This reduces stress and helps to facilitate the certification process and maintain your certification status.

Our proprietary certification process is designed to provide objective, value-added feedback on your performance. Our auditors also are required to pass an industry competency test, which ensures you have the most knowledgeable auditors working to help you with the ISO 18001 certification process.

At the end of the assessment, a final meeting is conducted where findings, recommendations and improvement plans (if needed) are discussed.

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