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The First 90 Days

Smithers Quality Assessments  — January 10, 2017

Turnover often takes place within the first 90 days, and employee experience plays a big role....

ISO 9001:2015 Elevates Status of Ohio Tool Manufacturer Zip Tool & Die

Smithers Quality Assessments  — January 04, 2017

When Victor G. De Leon acquired Zip Tool & Die, he made ISO 9001 certification a priority....

Context of the Organization and ITAR Compliance

Kevin Gholston  — November 08, 2016

Context of the Organization (Clause 4) is a new requirement in ISO 9001:2015. As subsequent...

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Employee Appreciation Week?

Smithers Quality Assessments  — November 03, 2016

Just last week, I was having a quick bite to eat in Boston’s Logan Airport on my way...

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Sauers Tree and Landscape Service, Inc. Strengthens Snow Services with SN 9001 Certification

Smithers Quality Assessments  — November 01, 2016

Sauers Tree and Landscape Service, Inc. started in 1997 as a neighborhood lawn cutting...

Do You Blame Your Customers?

Smithers Quality Assessments  — October 27, 2016

I landed in Albany, NY to meet with a client. It was probably the last place on earth I...

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Illinois Snow Removal Service Liability Limitation Act Paves the Way for SN 9001

Smithers Quality Assessments  — October 25, 2016

The Illinois Snow Removal Service Liability Limitation Act, signed in May 2015, helps create a...

Uber-Fast Response

Smithers Quality Assessments  — October 20, 2016

I had an experience with Uber that was pretty amazing. On a recent trip, my driver missed an...

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ISO 9001:2015 – Processes

John Sedlak  — October 18, 2016

Processes are not as complicated as they seem; everything you do has a process. Take for...

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Southwest Stories

Smithers Quality Assessments  — October 12, 2016

I am always happy when I get to fly on Southwest Airlines – not because of their unique...

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